Thursday, Aug. 15, 2007 | How do we come to have so many, so called, undocumented laborers in our country? We offered them jobs. … Maybe not through the usual channels, but we offered and provided them jobs none the less. … Many have been here longer than the border breast-beaters have been alive!

Someone recently suggested that by rounding up and sending everyone back to where they came from so our native-born working class can be provided with jobs that provide a living wage.

That flies in the face of all available evidence. Where were your shoes made? Where were your shirts made? Where does Wal-Mart get its goods from, or Sears, or Penny’s or Macy’s?

It ain’t the same good ol’ U.S of A. … and if your send the migrant farm laborers back to Mexico or Central and South America the farms will go with them!

Send the chicken pluckers and the hog cutters back, and the work will follow. …

BECAUSE neither you nor I can afford to support a work force that earns a living wage!

It shouldn’t have been allowed to happen this way, but it did, and the toothpaste is not likely to go back into the tube.

It is no longer 1960 and the world is constructively flatter than it has ever been. Take off you sheets and get used to it!

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