A public information officer over at the border patrol just sent me an extract from the front page of El Mexicano newspaper a couple of weeks ago.

Here’s what it says:

Mexican syndicated teachers (SNTE) threat to block both the San Ysidro and Otay Mesa Ports of entry on 8/31/07, as part of a national demonstration against the Ley del ISSTEE (amended retirement program.) The national demonstration contemplates blocking all North and South borders as a way to draw the Mexican federal government’s attention.

I’m assuming the agent translated the story, because I couldn’t find an English version of the paper online.

The Border Patrol agent said she didn’t have any more details about the proposed blockade. I have a call in to the main public information officer to get more information.

Earlier today, I also got a press release from the Otay Mesa Chamber of Commerce. The marketing manager at the chamber wrote that she is expecting a large protest to close down the border crossings completely from about 9 a.m. on Friday until the protest dissolves.


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