Gang activity was responsible for 17 percent of homicides in the region last year, according to an analysis released today by the San Diego Association of Governments, a regional planning agency.

The analysis is limited to the known motives of 94 of the county’s 126 homicides last year.

Gang activity has decreased slightly since 2002, when it played a role in 21 percent of killings, according to the analysis. Arguments were the leading motive for homicides, playing a role in 31 percent of cases.

The Sandag analysis revealed other interesting facts:

  • Males were three times more likely than women to be homicide victims, though the two genders were equally likely to be assault victims.
  • While women were the victims of 25 percent of homicides, females younger than 18 were disproportionately represented. They represented 40 percent of all women killed in homicides.
  • Domestic violence was the motive for 13 percent of all homicides.
  • One in four rape victims was younger than 18.

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