Today’s pre-submittal conference for the redevelopment of the Civic Center Complex is just the beginning of what’s anticipated to be a year-long developer selection process.

If all goes according to schedule, the mayor, City Council and the city’s redevelopment agency could be naming a development partner in October 2008.

There are numerous other steps on the timeline before that happens, including public workshops and financial feasibility analysis.

The ultimate stated goal of the redevelopment effort: to save the city money. According to the RFQ, “… the project must reduce the city’s operational costs and take into account a reasonably anticipated future cost of occupancy and maintenance.”

The RFQ lists these as key cost-saving factors:

  • Reduce rent and overhead costs for housing city employees and functions;
  • Avoid spending millions of dollars of city funds to maintain the existing Civic Center


  • Centralize the city’s workspace to increase efficiency and worker productivity;
  • Maximize the city’s downtown real estate asset;
  • Execute a Civic Center redevelopment strategy that is fiscally prudent, reduces the aggregate expenses of the city, and is founded on sound real estate and business principles; and
  • Promote private sector participation to leverage public assets and satisfy the city’s space needs to 2040 and beyond.

Those who miss out on today’s pre-submittal conference will still be able to access the questions and answers vetted there. CCDC intends to post the info on its website.


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