What bothers me most about the Labor Day riot in Pacific Beach is that people seem to forget some details. That is, I understand the lifeguards asked the police for help because they thought things were getting out of control. Then, regardless of what transpired — as I’ve heard different variations — nothing justifies anyone throwing anything at any Police Officer, ever!

This very fact, that people were throwing things at officers, indicates to me that things are out of control. If the officer on the ATV was right or wrong about supposedly detaining the individual time will tell. We don’t know if he was holding this person because he was too drunk or, if he was holding him for further questioning n- ideally taking him to a better location to check him out.

To me, this all doesn’t matter. This self-righteous indignation that so many people are justifying is just a disguise. People were throwing things at the police because they thought they could do so without getting caught. I believe they were doing it because they were too drunk to think any better.

So, what gives? Why are so many people attacking the police when in fact they could be attacking the people that were assaulting our police officers?


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