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On Sunday, the U-T’s Matt Hall filled in some of the blanks about that party, and its hangover, that I wrote about Aug. 30.

Remember the Centre City Development Corp. told me that at least two of its “staffers” were unable to reimburse developer Doug Wilson in time for the party he hosted for them and many other happy revelers.

So, they were going to be barred from working on any of Wilson’s business that came before CCDC over the next year.

Turns out, as Hall discovered, it wasn’t just some “staffers” at CCDC. It was four staff members including the president, Nancy Graham. I should have pestered them more to get the names after they had time to figure out who hadn’t paid.

And Hall confirmed that Jim Madaffer also found himself having to cough up more than $2,000 to attend the party with a couple of guests. Madaffer, however, didn’t pay in time and can’t participate in discussions about Wilson’s properties.


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