Businessman Steve Francis, a potential mayoral candidate next year, is scheduled to unveil tomorrow a study showing that the city could save between $80 million and $200 million a year through privatization.

Francis ran for mayor in 2005, placing third in the July primary, and has not ruled out running against Mayor Jerry Sanders in 2008.

Francis said the San Diego Institute for Policy Research, which he founded with his own fortune, and the Reason Foundation argue in their joint study that the savings could be found through using “managed competition” on 11 areas of city government. Under managed competition, private businesses are allowed to compete with public employees for municipal work.

Sanders won the right to open up services to managed competition from voters last year and has included it in his financial strategy, but his timeline for setting up the program after voters passed Proposition C has seen numerous delays. While Sanders was the chief spokesman for the ballot initiative, Francis contributed $110,000 to the Proposition C campaign.

Check back tomorrow for more on the report.


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