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Remember the proposal to move Lindbergh Field to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar?

Yeah, it’s been awhile.

Back then (nearly a year ago), the airport authority was touting the economic benefits of moving Lindbergh Field to Miramar.

The airport authority claimed that voting against the proposal — and keeping Lindbergh open — would cost the region somewhere in the neighborhood of $130 billion by 2030.

Richard Carson, a University of California, San Diego economics professor, had a different view. He said that the authority’s estimate was about $130 billion too high.

Then he disappeared, going on year-long sabbatical and a 27-country tour.

Well, folks, Carson is back.

The guy that Miramar airport opponents once described as “that budding rockstar” is going to talk about options for the region’s future air transportation needs Oct. 10 at the UCSD Social Sciences Supper Club.

Carson will present recommendations for “improvements, upgrades and alternative air traffic plans and offer steps that need to be taken in the short run and for the long term,” according to a UCSD press release.

If you’re interested in attending the event, call Chris Hillis at 858/822-6694 or click on his name to e-mail him.


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