Thursday, Sept. 20, 2007 | Mayor Sanders is to be commended for placing principle above politics in his decision to sign the resolution for an amicus brief in support of the right to marry for all citizens. It is all too rare that we see an elected official express their emotions and feelings about critical issues. Unfortunately, it is more common to see our electeds take the “safe” position to hold on to their office. Most of the advances in civil rights would never have been made if left up to the popular vote. It took couragous action by leaders to begin the end of slavery and bring women the vote for example. Past official have been villified for daring to show their human side and I can only imagine the angry letters being received by Mayor Sanders from those who disagree with him.

It is with great respect that I recognize Mayor Sanders’ action for the example of leadership it provides to other elected officials. And, I encourage him to continue to listen to his heart while leading our city.

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