I heard a new perspective today on the mini-dorm issue, one that has garnered much less attention than the “stop global dorming” type College Area neighbors who typically truck out to meetings and community forums.

Here’s Clark McBride’s two cents. He and his partner are homeowners near 63rd Street in the College Area:

For example; both houses next to us have 7 girls in each.  Realizing that we are caught up in between what can be a difficult situation, we decided to be proactive and take house warming gifts to both houses and introduce ourselves.  This has been an amazingly positive experience.  Both houses have often asked us if they are too loud, etc…to which we think, ‘no, you’re college kids, but thanks for asking.’  We also offered to help out with anything in the house if it breaks down, or give advice on taking care of unwanted vermin that dwell in the neighborhood.

We also got a white noise machine for our bedroom to drown out the majority of any noise.  And we have come to an understanding that if they want to behave like 18-24 year olds and have their own parties, drinking, etc…no big deal, especially when it’s on the weekends.  There have been a couple of occasions during the midweek when the noise level was a little bit loud past midnight, but a simple knock on their door just to let them be aware that we had to get up and work in the morning has gone a long way. 

Quite honestly, we are happy with the situation, with our neighbors and being good neighbors to them as well.  Bad neighbors are people who never go and introduce themselves, and never take an interest in being there if need be.  The real story about the mini-dorm issue is how society has forgotten what a neighbor should be.

What do you think of the point McBride’s made here? Click my name below to send me an e-mail.

Correction: In my original post, I mistakenly wrote that McBride lives with his wife in a home in the College Area. In fact, McBride lives with his domestic partner. I apologize for the error.


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