Today’s landslide in La Jolla has garnered news attention all over the place. But what’s been catching our eye is all of the phrases used to refer to the neighborhood where the slide occurred.

A pet peeve among some people in our office is the tendency some have (including Google maps) to label La Jolla a separate city from San Diego. La Jolla, of course, is a neighborhood in District 1 in the city of San Diego, not a city unto itself.

Here’s some of the best references we found today.

  • Reuters used “La Jolla, Calif.” as its dateline, and led with this:

At least six homes were damaged or destroyed on Wednesday in a landslide that toppled power poles and left a 50-yard (metre) long sinkhole in the scenic southern California town of La Jolla.

No injuries were reported but dozens of residents were evacuated from the area of million dollar plus homes in unstable mountains overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

A landslide caused severe damage in the hilly, affluent La Jolla section of San Diego today…

  •, the website for the San Francisco Chronicle:

…the posh SoCal enclave of La Jolla.

  • KWTX, a TV station in central Texas:

At least three multimillion-dollar homes buckled along a La Jolla hillside Wednesday as a 50-yard-wide sinkhole swallowed part of a street leading into the ritzy area.

A massive landslide today morning destroyed two homes, damaged several others and ripped up more than 100 yards of a residential street on Soledad Mountain, a pricey neighborhood on the edge of La Jolla.

A bigass hole in the street in a posh neighborhood in La Jolla has victimized one home and forced families from four other homes to evacuate.

…a pricey neighborhood on the edge of La Jolla.

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