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So this discussion has spiraled a bit from a look at the more lavish descriptions of the northern San Diego neighborhood used in the news coverage of yesterday’s landslide. But we’re interested in where it’s gone — to a discussion of the self-proclamation (and the default of such institutions as the U.S. Postal Service) of La Jolla as its own city.

Reader SC wrote in this afternoon with another, more personal, take on the debate:

I grew up in Southeast San Diego, but I went to Muirlands Jr. High and La Jolla High as part of the VEEP (Voluntary Enrollment Exchange Program) program. The reason why La Jolla is often referred to as it own city is because it promotes itself that way. It might have been my junior or senior year before I learned that it is part of San Diego city. It’s much like Bel Air or Brentwood in Los Angeles —even though both communities are part of LA city, the postal deliveries are often addressed using the community name, and they often promote themselves as being separate from the city of LA. Snobbery at its finest!


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