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Reader Tom S.:

Axe Joanne SawyerKnoll and the OEI crew. Saves $3 million; it’s a start. Cost-benefit analysis shows they are purely cost, no benefit.

Tom S., I’m with you on the elimination of the Office of Ethics & Integrity (OEI). The office lost all credibility with the Sunroad report.

Several readers have suggested elimination of the City Attorney’s Office from the budget. With the release of this memo, it will be interesting to see if Mayor Jerry Sanders does in fact reduce the funding available for the office of the city attorney. The Charter Review Committee has recommended charter amendments to clarify the role of the city attorney.

Is the charter the appropriate place to attack this issue? I personally believe that the budget is equally, if not more effective in addressing problems with an office that is wasting taxpayer dollars.

Reader Billy Bob Henry wrote:

I knew every single city/gov worker would be on here singing the raise taxes mantra so they can line their pockets even more thsn they do now-TOT, garbage, sales, proerty, car rental-the list will ever end. FIRST THING I WOULD DO, dump the DB pension scam, make ALL city workers, including the FF and PD work to age 67 like every other person in America does for a FULL retirement. Boom, problem solved.

Billy Bob calls for pension reform. I couldn’t agree more with the need to overhaul the system. The San Diego County Taxpayers Association has been an advocate for pension reform for a number of years. At least on this point, we have the mayor’s commitment to take on this issue during the next round of labor negotiations.

Reader Raise Taxes wrote:

Its organizations like the SDCTA that have brought us to where we are. While I don’t advocate a tax free-for-all, the opposition of organizations like the SDCTA to any taxes or public spending on infrastructure is begining to rear its ugly head (pot-holes, water mains, landslides, city debt, airports). Congrats and thanks for nothing. What are the consiquences of your actions? Have you even considered it? Wake up.

Raises Taxes needs to check his facts. SDCTA has been calling for responsible investment in infrastructure funding for as long as we’ve been in existence. For years, we have recommended that the city dedicate a more appropriate level of general fund dollars to address the deferred maintenance backlog.

Particularly, before building new facilities that the city cannot afford to maintain (e.g. main library). If you took the time to look at our track record, you would see that we have supported and advocated for city infrastructure funding, as well as bonds to pay for schools and hospitals in the county. We have also opposed tax increases and bond proposals after a careful analysis of the facts. We share our data and analysis with the public along with our recommendations. It is up to the voters and elected officials to do what they will with our recommendations. That is the consequence of our actions. Hardly something to apologize for, in my humble opinion.


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