A disputed San Diego school policy that requires staff to notify the principal and parents when they learn a student is considering an abortion is still in place.

Local Planned Parenthood spokesman Vince Hall said the group has been in contact with the school district, which promised to review the policy in April. But he hasn’t heard of any decisions or changes to the policy, he said — a concern because San Diego schools are back in session, said Hall, and school staff is still working under the policy.

The policy, adopted in 1988, advises school employees such as nurses and counselors to inform the principal when they discover a student is pregnant or thinking about having an abortion. The principal, in turn, develops a plan to contact the student’s parents.

Planned Parenthood argues that the policy violates state medical privacy law, and contradicts a state opinion on the issue, forcing staff to choose: Violate state law, or violate district policy.


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