Monday, Oct. 15, 2007 | Sorry folks, but I have been stewing on this one… I was absolutely amazed, ashamed and shocked at what I witnessed over the past week. In retrospect, I have been silently allowing what I saw this weekend to occur for quite some time now.

Last week, while I was working 1st watch at Western, we received numerous complaints about men on motorcycles blocking traffic, allowing a long line of cars to go through intersections. It was quite obviously a funeral procession … Unfortunately, I guess, for some, it happened to interfere with traffic in the Point Loma area. I would hope the dolts that had the nerve to call communications did not realize that the precession, which was coming from Fort Rosecrans, was for a young Marine who was killed in combat and to whom we all owe a debt of gratitude, but I doubt it!

Then, this weekend, I was attending the air show at MCAS Miramar. To my absolute amazement and shock … during the playing of OUR national anthem, people not only did not stop, remove their caps and sing along … they walked AROUND young Sailors, Marines, Soldiers and Airmen who were STANDING AT ATTENTION to go about their business! It made me think back to the weekend before when I was at the Oktoberfest Celebration in La Mesa. The same lack of respect for the national anthem was horribly obvious.

I was very proud of my children (4 and 6) for standing quietly with their hands over their heart, but was quite upset with their father (Me) for not being more vocal in urging others to pay their proper respects!

Although 9-11 was not the starting point of patriotism in this country, it certainly was a wake up call for our generation. Please join me in encouraging, dare say at the slap at the back of the head, everyone to pay their respect to their country and those who have given them the freedoms they enjoy!

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