A few little things to share:

  • Seth Hettena, the author and former Associated Press reporter, is covering the Brent Wilkes trial for KPBS radio. For those of you who enjoyed Hettena’s recent piece for us about the investigation into Wilkes’ support of county Supervisor Ron Roberts, he had another little tidbit to share. This is former Congressman Duke Cunningham’s schedule and plans to attend a 2000 fundraiser for Roberts at Wilkes’ home.
  • I think this is one of the best letters we’ve gotten recently. Much thanks to the author.
  • Tomorrow, former U.S. Attorney Charles La Bella is hosting Café San Diego tomorrow. I’m thinking it’ll be a good day over there. Thanks to the many of you who have given me feedback — some positive, some negative — about how Café San Diego is functioning these days. Keep it coming.
  • I caught this screen shot the other day from the Union-Tribune’s website and thought it was funny. Yes we all — all — have typos from time to time. Some just have a bit more unfortunate impact than others.


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