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Reader Seagull wrote:

Now how about your personal view point on the performance of the people in office to date? As a lawyer, how do you rate the city attorney? Is he a lawyer’s lawyer? Does the quid have a pro quo? What about soledad Mtn. and liability? Surely you must be one of the people who Scott consults with on background and have some familiarity with the legal escapades of the City attorney. So break it down like John Madden. I would also be curious to hear about your thoughts on Carole Lam, why she was off’d and what was so bad about fighting public corruption (assuming that was the reason). -Seagull (by way of Queens, NY)

And reader Christopher Hall wrote:

Dear Charles, Wow! You managed to not be political in your commentary about the politics going on in the little hamlet of San Diego. So this is how the big boys play can the game — I’m paying attention. // Agreeably, the topic for discussion is politics, the lab is San Diego, and what I’m curious about is this: how do the small time dealings in San Diego compare to the big time dealings in DC — for instance, are things in our small, amateur town reiterated in the mighty world of politics that go on in Washington? Can you find ongoing themes we face here that are the issues you see in DC? Or are we SO pathetic, that 4th string San Diego has issues dribbling the ball, much less nuancing the myriad ways to score a hit? Thank you for your thoughts.

I hear what you are saying about the city attorney’s performance track record. I would like to see an investigative report that was deeper than an eighth of an inch thick on the performance issue. It may be better or worse than what the perception is. So far, no journalist has attempted to do so. Rather we have seen paper thin reports on performance that really fail to do more than scratch the surface. Maybe it would be a good assignment for journalist students at one of the local universities. Imagine an objective report! That may actually inform people.

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