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Wednesday, Oct. 24, 2007 | Think about it! We are consistently increasing our population — and the need for additional housing. No matter how you slice it, there is always going to be a demand for housing, and California with its benign climate, is just too compelling to becoming a “ghost town” in any sense of the term.

I’ve been a Realtor here in the San Diego market since 1972. My first sale was a three-bedroom home in La Mesa — for $27,500. What that reflects today is (1) the devaluation of our dollar, and (2) the increased demand for housing in this area.

Every down cycle I’ve experienced over this 35-year period has been followed by increased demand and a “seller’s market.” Anyone who has purchased a home in San Diego County and held on to it for five years has profited dramatically as a result of this investment. Can anyone tell me why that process should reverse itself?

I firmly believe that this is a wonderful time to invest in San Diego real estate. Now’s the time to lay that nest-egg for the best investment of your life: Not only do you enjoy leverage and tax benefits, but it provides a home with the rights of autonomous ownership — a place of your choosing to live and raise your family! Not to mention a hedge against inflation. Don’t let the naysayers (and those whose livelihood is conjoined with the stockmarket) convince you otherwise!

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