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Sunday, Oct. 28, 2007| We have a small mix of NW and SW swells along the California coast. Some light SW comes in Monday, but nothing major is expected this week as models have downgraded most surf producing storms on the radar. We do though have some light NW due during the second half of the week, and some SW is due then as well. Some long-period SW is due a week from now, and then it looks like we’ll then see a significant boost in size around the 7th.

Right now, the California Buoy is at 7 feet with 9-second periods, the Half Moon Bay buoy is at 4 feet with 10-second periods, and Harvest Platform is checking in at 4 feet with 10-second periods.

Overall, SW ground swell periods are running 15 seconds from 220 and NW periods are running 11 seconds from 305.

In SoCal, most all breaks are running knee to waist high.

Northern California and the Central Coast are seeing sets running chest high at most west facing breaks, knee to waist at south facing spots.

The tide is still running up to extreme highs but will recuperate to more normal levels as the week progresses…[more]

Water temps are averaging 63 degrees in San Diego, 64 in Orange County, 60 in LA, 59 in Ventura County, 57 in Santa Barbara, 56 along the Central Coast and 56 degrees in NCal…[more]

Winds at 7:00 this morning were light and variable most everywhere. Onshores should pick up early to mid afternoon to 7-11 mph, then 15+ late in the afternoon. On Monday though…[more]

Light SW Monday…[more]

Light SW and NW during second half of week…[more]

Light SW for 4th…[more]

Potentially significantly sized SW for 7th…[more]

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