Don’t just rely on the county’s Reverse 911 system, be prepared. That’s the message coming out of San Diego County Sheriff William Kolender’s office.

A press release I just got from the Sheriff’s Office says the department has been fielding numerous calls from residents asking about how the Reverse 911 system works, and asking questions:

Many questions regarding Reverse 911 have arisen such as, “Why wasn’t I called?” or “My neighbor was called, but I wasn’t”. The system is not perfect. The Sheriff’s Department will be conducting a complete evaluation of not only the Reverse 911 system, but the entire fire event.

The press release says the sheriff is pleased with the system, but says preparation, not reliance on the Reverse 911 calls, is the key to surviving a natural disaster.

The Sheriff stresses the need to plan well ahead of time for any disaster. Citizens should not rely solely on getting a phone call from Reverse 911 or any other system. They need to have a plan in place and be vigilant to the weather or other mitigating circumstances.


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