The work of putting out the wildfires is over. But, the work of analyzing the job we did has just begun. At the direction of Mayor Jerry Sanders, every city department will develop an After Action Report (AAR), assessing what went well and what challenges were encountered.

The Fire-Rescue Department did an AAR following the Cedar Fire. It is posted on our website for any interested parties to read.

The AAR will be an objective, honest look at the strategies used, the decisions made, the efficiency displayed and the staffing deployed. It will discuss equipment, communications and inter-agency collaboration.

We have retained a consultant firm to gather and compile the data.

Statements and recommendations are solicited from every member of the department, uniformed and civilian to try to make the report as all-encompassing as possible.

The mayor has asked that the AAR be completed in 60 days. After review, it will be available to the public.


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