Judge Jan Goldsmith, a former Republican legislator, took the first step toward running for San Diego city attorney today when he notified the court he will take an unpaid leave of absence beginning in December.

Thought to have abandoned his ambitions to run against City Attorney Mike Aguirre over the summer, sources close to local conservative politics have said in recent weeks that Goldsmith rekindled his interest in campaigning for the job.

Goldsmith said he would not say what changed his mind because he is not yet on leave from the court and he doesn’t want to get into the substance of a campaign in the meantime.

But Goldsmith, who resides in Coronado, said he is moving to Little Italy so he can run against City Attorney Mike Aguirre in the June election if he wants to. If he does, he will likely draw support from Republican circles.

Goldsmith is currently a judge in the Superior Court’s El Cajon branch. He has served as the mayor of Poway and as a state assemblyman.


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