I told you yesterday I was watching for a correction to the claim made in headlines and a story in Wednesday’s Union-Tribune that the region’s allover median price had dropped to its lowest level since 2003.

To recap: That median home price dropped to its lowest level last month since April 2004, not April 2003, as was stated in the U-T. The difference in the median home price in that one year is nearly $100,000.

This morning, the paper’s two online versions of the story still make the 2003 claim: here and here.

But — and it’s a significant “but” — today, on page C3, in the bottom left corner, the paper corrected its error:

A story in Wednesday’s Business section that reported the median price of San Diego County housing in October at $460,000 incorrectly said the price had not been seen since April 2003. In fact, $460,000 was the median price in May 2004. The April 2003 figure was $352,000.

The Union-Tribune regrets the error.

That’s what we were looking for. I hereby withdraw my CorrectionWatch.


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