Less than a month before San Diego Unified trustees plan to pick a new superintendent, they’re starting at square one: Figuring out their goals.

At open forums on the superintendent selection process, business leaders lambasted the school board for lacking direction. Without clear goals, they said, the board was setting up a superintendent for failure.

“The board has to be unified in its goals,” said Admiral Bob Dingeman, a member of an advisory business panel. “It’s not realistic to think you can hire someone to get you there.”

Trustees routinely bicker at school board meetings. Minutiae such as the wording of selection criteria for the superintendent have sparked squabbles. Trustees lack common goals and a common understanding of their role vis-a-vis the superintendent.

Board members initially planned to meet today to list their goals. That meeting has been delayed to next Monday, just before a slate of candidates is trotted before the board.


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