About a year ago, I looked at real estate agents who’d moved their advertising online. For that story, I found a couple of local agents advertising their services on MySpace.com, a popular social networking site.

One such agent was Seth O’Byrne, who told me his niche market is USD graduates. Here’s a taste of what he said then about his campaign:

“MySpace kind of touches on something that there’s no other way to explain — how constantly we’re in the business,” he said. “I always had a desire for my friends and family to know that we wake up and read the Wall Street Journal every morning, that even though we’re out at a concert with them Friday night, surfing with them on Sundays, we’re thinking about the gentrification of Imperial Beach.”

“Whether or not our crowd is old enough or financially ready, when they are ready, there is someone who thinks, looks and talks like them who can help them,” he said.

And the guy’s everywhere — I was checking my own Facebook page last night and came across this ad:

The online advertising theme came up last week, too, when I was talking to agents for the “Still in Denial” story. Sharyn Crown, a broker in Coronado, told me after more than 30 years in the business, she’s learned how to target her marketing efforts.

In this market, she said, agents have to be “very focused.” She told me she’d recently closed escrow as the buyer’s agent on a deal where her clients found her online.

“These people found me on the Internet, found the condo downtown on the Internet, flew in from England and closed the deal in two days,” she said. “With (online) clients, the follow-up has to be very quick. You have to follow up with them right away.”


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