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I’ll wrap up with a reflection on our county party’s Precinct Leader program, which is philosophically modeled on the “50 State Strategy” of the national Democratic chair. Howard Dean has sought to build our party’s presence in every state, including the “red” ones. In his words:

It is a sign of respect to ask people for their vote. When you present yourself at somebody’s door, you can no longer be one of “those people.” You are a human being, and you strike up the relationship that human beings strike up across cultural, political, ethnic, demographic, and generational boundaries.

Good candidates know the power of personal contact as part of a comprehensive, data-driven program. As an organization, we’re larger than many state parties, but we’re focused on engaging individual voters on behalf of our campaigns in every one of San Diego’s unique communities.

We live in a “purple” county moving in a Democratic direction in some interesting ways. The party has a significant role to play here — and room to grow.

The gains we seek will come precinct by precinct and vote by vote. I am grateful for everyone who volunteers to join our cause, whether as a Democratic candidate, a Precinct Leader, or simply a voter who believes in progress.


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