Kelly Bennett just put up an updated version of her and our former web monkey, Vladimir Kogan‘s, fascinating foreclosure tool.

Check it out:

You can search your ZIP code to see how many homes entered at least the first stage of foreclosure in your neighborhood but do something else really quick: Click on “display results” with the category “view all” showing. OK, you can click on the links at top so that it will rank them according to that category. Now click on the top link “Foreclosures per 1,000 Homes.” This ranks them according to the ZIP code with the highest foreclosure rates per 1,000 homes in the neighborhood.

The results are startling.

The Logan Heights San Diego ZIP code of 92113 has the highest rate of foreclosures per 1,000 homes: 88. Just six months ago, more than 29 homes per every 1,000 in that ZIP code were in some stage of foreclosure. In other words, in parts of the city of San Diego, we are approaching a point where nearly 10 percent of all homes are in some stage of foreclosure.

This is mind-boggling. Let’s break it down into even more powerful stats: According to RealtyTrac, the firm that compiles foreclosure data, the 92113 ZIP code saw 143 of its homes enter some stage of foreclosure in the first six months of the year. But in the next four months, that number skyrocketed to 425 homes. This isn’t a wave of foreclosures. This is a tsunami.

Chula Vista’s 91913 ZIP code has the second highest rate of foreclosures per 1,000 homes at 76. And the city’s ZIP code 91915 is not so far behind with 73 homes per every 1,000 entering foreclosure.

That is part of the reason we saw this announcement yesterday from Chula Vista Mayor Cheryl Cox imploring people to “shop Chula Vista.”

This year’s lower than expected sales tax revenues contributed to Chula Vista’s $8.2 million budget shortfall, a deficit that resulted in a series of cuts that will directly impact City operations and services. Mayor Cox will emphasize the need to reduce the City’s dependence on housing starts and focus on other sources of revenue including retail sales and hotel taxes.

Now that makes me want to shop in Chula Vista. How about you?


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