A group called Ban the Ban 3 just checked in with a press release announcing its intentions to challenge the beach drinking ban that Mayor Jerry Sanders signed into law yesterday.

The group said it is aiming to place the ban in front of voters during the June election. To do so, the ban’s opponents must collect the signatures of 5 percent of the city’s electorate — or 30,209 voters — within the next 30 days.

Once the city certifies that the signatures are gathered, the ban is suspended until an election. That election must come within 11 months of the date the petitions are turned in.

The group’s moniker stirs up the fact that attempts to ban alcohol at the beach have been shot down twice before. A 1991 ban was abandoned by the City Council once opponents gathered enough signatures to place the issue in front of voters. More recently, a 2001 law, which prohibited drinking from certain beachfront stretches, was narrowly overturned in a voter referendum, known as Proposition G, a year later.


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