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Mark Fabiani is no stranger to lending a helping hand to those struggling with a public relations problem.

Most San Diegans know Fabiani as the face of the Chargers’ push to get a new stadium. For the last five years, he’s served as the team’s spokesman and special counsel on all things stadium.

Now, he’s got a new client. Today’s L.A. Times reports that the Hollywood studios have brought in heavyweight political consultants — including Fabiani — to help them navigate the current writers’ strike.

According to the article, the studios are trying to bolster their public relations in order to chisel away at the public’s support for the Writers Guild of America. Polls show the writers have enjoyed greater popularity during the month-long strike than the studios.

Fabiani is also known for his work as an adviser to President Bill Clinton and as a deputy mayor to former Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley.


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