San Diego State University chimed in today on the city of San Diego’s legal challenge to the school’s recently approved master plan.

As we wrote Wednesday, the City Council agreed to sue the California State University system for giving a green light to its SDSU’s plan for future growth. The city claims the plan does not properly explain how the school will pay for the impacts of the increased population and development.

Here’s part of the school’s response, which was just sent over to us this afternoon:

Proposed challenges to SDSU’s 2007 Campus Master Plan and its Environmental Impact Report are focused upon the university’s “fair share” of costs associated with traffic and other impacts in the surrounding area. Some argue that SDSU should pay more than the amounts specified by the EIR. The EIR, however, assesses the potential impacts of the Master Plan project, calls out those impacts specifically produced by SDSU expansion, and includes fair-share mitigation for those impacts. The position of the university is that we should not be expected to pay for improvements necessitated by other development in the area.


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