Inventory and foreclosures and mortgage tightening and job loss. Bargains for some buyers, another few months of waiting for others.

If you’re a nerd like I am, you’re likely to be chatting with friends and family from out of town over the holidays about this housing market. And I want to know: what will you tell them about 2007?

This week I’m pulling together bits from stories I’ve written over the year to knit into a recap of the year. I always love to hear from you about what you’re seeing out there, how many units in your condo building are in foreclosure, how you’ve figured out a way to attract buyers to your listing.

So I’d like to beg a couple of minutes from you this week. Pretend I’m your great-aunt from Omaha who’s thinking about investing in a condo in a sunny spot for her retirement. She’s heard real estate’s a good bet in San Diego. What do you tell her about the year we’ve had?

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