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I noted in today’s story that the city of San Diego is almost out of the money it sets aside for legal claims and attorney fees. With seven months remaining in the current fiscal year, the city spent all but $2 million of the $25 million it had socked away in the public liability fund, according to a November report.

As officials said in my article, it’s not the first time the city failed to put away enough money in the fund. However, data showing that wasn’t readily available to me by my deadline.

Luckily, voiceofsandiego.org news honcho Andrew Donohue had sought the information from the Risk Management Office earlier this year, and he stumbled upon it today.

According to the data, the city hasn’t been able to keep the public liability fund afloat longer than seven and a half months into a fiscal year for the past three years.

By fiscal year, here are the budgets for the funds and the date the approximate date the years’ funds were expended. (Remember, the fiscal year begins in July and ends in June, making Jan. 1 the halfway point.)

FY05: $13,144,408. Feb. 16, 2005.
FY06: $17,788,482. Jan. 4, 2006.
FY07: $27,156,473. Nov. 2, 2006


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