Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2007 | We have mostly small NW wind swell along the California coast. It’s looking pretty small for a while, but we can expect a slight boost Friday from a NW/SW combo. A modest NW swell is then due on Sunday the 16th. Condition-wise, winds are an issue today, there are some slight shifts in weather and temps this week, the tide is running rather high, and rain is quite possible on Monday the 17th.

Bacteria Notice: A quick note for our SD readers, there was a sewage spill at Imperial Beach and waters around the pier are closed. [more].

Right now, the California Buoy is at 6 feet with 7-second periods. The San Francisco buoy is at 6 feet with 11-second periods, the Monterey buoy is at 8 feet with 8-second periods, the Cape San Martin buoy off the Central Coast is at 8 feet with 8-second periods, and the Pt. Conception buoy is at 7 feet with 10-second periods.

Overall, NW periods are averaging 9 seconds from 300 degrees.

In SoCal, most west facing breaks are seeing peaky conditions running waist to at times chest high. Direct south facing breaks are running knee to waist high.

Northern California and the Central Coast are seeing sets running chest to at times head high at west facing breaks, waist high at south facing spots.

The tide is still an issue over the next couple days as we remain in the midst of a tidal swing from a New Moon that peaked Sunday. This lunar event is raising early AM highs near the 6-foot zone which can…[more]

Water temps are averaging 58 degrees in San Diego, 59 in Orange County, 55 in LA, 57 in Ventura County, 54 in Santa Barbara, 54 along the Central Coast and 51 degrees in NCal…[more]

Winds at 7:00 this morning were under the influence of a NNE flow from a cold, inland-tracked low moving southward over the region. Strongest coastal gusts were recorded at 18 mph at Newport Beach, 22 around Leo Carillo, and 14 in Oxnard. NNE winds will likely increase throughout the morning, reaching 20+ in some spots. The low should move through the region tonight, but on Wednesday…[more]

Minor SW/NW combo Friday…[more]

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