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The holidays are a time for wish lists and big dreams.  Santa, could you bring me an elected official, policy maker or planner who’s a strong advocate for greening our city? It’s not so much to ask! I’ve been really good this year.

Take a look at what Mayor Richard Daley is up to in Chicago. He has made planting flowers and trees a major policy statement. San Diego is already one of the country’s most beautiful cities so we have a great head start. Come on, where is San Diego’s champion?

Now if someone really wants to get the green movement off the ground, what would make a major impact is providing incentives that could make green roofs more feasible. And it’s got to make good business sense first. Hey, I’m in favor of improving our environment but first and foremost I’m a business owner. Whatever I do, I have to be able to afford it and justify it in my budget. 

Just a few ideas:

Fast tracking the permit process if you install a green roof
Tax credits for green roofs
Density bonuses for green roofs (CCDC is already doing this downtown)
Low interest loans for buildings that include green roofs
Using green roofs to satisfy project requirements for green space
Green roofs as part of the tool kit to satisfy Title 24 and AB13
Get an “R” rating and reduce insulation
Get a fire resistance rating that takes into account your green roof (it’s a great method of fireproofing your home, worth considering in Southern California to be sure)
Public Utilities Commission rebates for green roofs
TIF assistance for green roofs
Grants for green roofs

Any other ideas that would motivate you as a business owner or homeowner to install a green roof?  I’d like to know.


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