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The border does need to be secure and be a gateway for commerce. Neither of those require two-hour border waits. And we are a bi-national region with an artificial line between us dividing paradise, as one of the bloggers so eloquently stated. I think we all can agree that the border crossings are currently not working. And studies will show that we lose money and contribute to poor air quality while folks wait in line to cross. It will take an infusion of government funds and private sector knowledge to get a plan that works to accommodate the trucks, cars, people and security issues we have at the busiest land border crossing in the world.

With respect to the Cross Border Terminal, it is important to emphasize that it is not intended to replace Lindbergh, but rather alleviate the congestion and offer services that Lindbergh does not currently offer. And until we can “beam somebody up,” air travel is the way we get folks across the nation and to the other side of the world, so additional investment in the Tijuana and San Diego airports is a good idea. As a matter of fact, South County Economic Development Council is a strong proponent of investment in infrastructure. This includes our existing toll road in addition to our proposed ports and existing ports of entry expansions. This is the way to accommodate a fast growing region and ensure it functions. To do nothing is a way to ensure our economic failure. Thank you for your comments. The South County EDC remains committed to fostering economic prosperity in our bi-national region.


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