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Evan McLaughlin,‘s longtime political reporter, has taken a new job as political director of the San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council.

Loyal readers of this site are surely well-acquainted with McLaughlin’s work, as he was a member of the original staff when the publication launched nearly three years ago. In that time, he grew from a fresh-faced college grad to a dogged City Hall and politics reporter. He has been a pillar of‘s journalism and an all-around great guy to work with.

“Ace Boy” Star Reporter.

Our entire staff is of course saddened to see McLaughlin go but proud of the work he did while he was here. On a personal note, I’ve had the pleasure of sitting next to the “Ace Boy” reporter for precisely three years and I’ll miss him dearly. He became known for his creative facial hair experiments, slovenly desk, and a curmudgeonly attitude unexpected of a twentysomething, but necessary for a political reporter.

McLaughlin starts his new job today. He will take the position that Lorena Gonzalez vacated when she accepted the Labor Council’s top job last month. Gonzalez moved up when longtime Jerry Butkiewicz stepped down last year.


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