San Diegans can get fast facts on area families’ health and welfare via a new website, hosted by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. The site compiles statistics on poverty, education, immigrant families and other hot topics, allowing users to generate reports on a specific region, or to compare data across cities. A data profile of San Diego’s kids is available here.

A few quick facts, culled from the website:

  • Two percent of San Diego children didn’t have a telephone at home in 2006.
  • Eleven percent of area children in immigrant families had no parents in the workforce, compared to 10 percent of area children in U.S.-born families, in 2006.
  • Thirty percent of young adults in San Diego ages 18 to 24 were impoverished in 2006 — higher than the statewide rate of 19 percent and the national rate of 22 percent.

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