For nearly three years voice has shone a flashlight on the darker corners of San Diego’s civic life. We have done so with the belief that quality journalism can increase civic participation by providing citizens the knowledge necessary to become advocates for good government and social progress. The good news: It’s working.

Now it’s time to shine that light brighter, to dig deeper into the issues of education, public safety, government and the environment, to examine what it really takes to survive in San Diego and identify areas for improvement.

This membership drive officially kicks off the Flashlight to Searchlight campaign. We are asking for your help to gather the resources necessary to expand voice’s reporting capabilities and facilitate positive change in the community.

Please, help us get a running start by contributing today.

You may click HERE to contribute online, or mail a check payable to:

2508 Historic Decatur Road, Suite 120

San Diego, CA 92106

As always, your contribution is tax deductible.

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