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We here at got mention in a couple of national stories recently, including a piece by the Christian Science Monitor about online, nonprofit dailies that carried a San Diego dateline.

The article, which went online today, starts like this:

San Diego – The police chief’s rosy crime statistics were a lie, it turned out. The councilman who urged water conservation was discovered to use 80,000 gallons a month at his home, more than five of his colleagues put together. And the school board president, according to an investigation, spent a full third of his time out of town and out of touch.

The Voice of San Diego, a nonprofit online media outlet, doesn’t have enough journalists to field a softball team. Yet it has managed to take on the powerful with the panache of a scrappy big-city paper.

It provides “the best coverage of city politics that we’ve had in years,” raves Dean Nelson, a journalism professor at San Diego’s Point Loma Nazarene University.

The success of the tightly focused Voice, which relies on donors, offers a ray of hope for a troubled industry.

Quill, a journalism magazine published by the Society of Professional Journalists, also reprinted this story on nonprofit news from the Chronicle of Philanthropy.


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