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Reader Cats writes:

I love cats, I know some people don’t, but I want to adopt one. The thing is I want to know how to adopt the kind of cat that I want, so how do I find some sort of service that I can find pictures and breeds that I can sift through and visit to find my ideal cat?

Hi Cats?

Thanks for your interest! I just adopted a cat in fact, who, I needed to be sure would get along with my 6 year old, 21 lb. dog-like kitty Big Tom. Once FOCAS has taken into possession any cats or dogs, their pictures should be updated on our website (new-and-improved website coming soon!) with their age and sex, and our staff should be able to tell you how they do with other cats, people, etc. You can always come visit any of our locations to see if you hit it off with any of the animals, before taking them home. Check out this website as this is where we pull the majority of our cats and dogs from, and keep checking back to see how great and resourceful our new website should be very soon.

Reader Judy in Poway wrote:

I would like to find out where to drop off blankets, toys, etc. for FOCUS. Thanks for what you do for animals.

FOCAS would love to any gently used blankets or anything that you think would help. You can call us at (619) 685-3536 to arrange a drop off location that is close to you.  Thank you!


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