Veteran San Diego educator Angela Bass is taking a position in Los Angeles schools, leaving a nine-year career in San Diego Unified. Bass will take the job of superintendent of instruction at Los Angeles Unified, the state’s largest school district.

In San Diego, Bass worked as an instructional leader under former superintendent Alan Bersin, a now-nonexistent position roughly comparable to the job of area superintendent. Under former superintendent Carl Cohn, who succeeded Bersin, she became the leader of the Baldrige program, which uses business management to reshape how schools work. Amid the state budget crisis, district staffers have proposed halting the rollout of the Baldrige program, which has been happening bit-by-bit over the past 18 months, as part of a $360,763 cut to the Superintendent’s Office.

Bass’ husband, Wendell Bass, now principal of a truancy intervention center in San Diego Unified, said Angela Bass’ move didn’t mean he would be leaving the district as well.


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