I’ve seen some comments expressing concern that the 241 Toll Road will create a bottleneck as it merges with Interstate 5.

The 241 connector ramps to and from Interstate 5 are designed to create a smooth transition without traffic backups. The southbound connector ramp will connect to I-5 about a quarter mile south of Basilone Road, and a fifth lane will be added to I-5 for a half mile to accommodate the merging traffic. In this area of the 5 (northern Camp Pendleton) there are not many on and off ramps; therefore, there’s not a lot of the weaving that contributes to bottlenecks. The connection is designed to accommodate any future widening on I-5.

For San Diegans heading north on the 5 to Anaheim, Mission Viejo or Irvine, the 241 will provide a faster, secondary option.


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