Friday, March 21, 2008 | Mayor Sanders touts crime is down. Police Chief Bill Lansdowne claims we will be fully staffed by 2010 or sooner. I completely disagree and here is proof!

Violence in San Diego for the week of 3-16-2008:

1.Man killed, boy injured in Clairemont shooting

2. Man dies after being shot in brawl in Mission Beach.

3. Two dead in rollover crash after driver shot and wounded.

4.Road rage incident causes two to get shot by cop.

These are just a few of the violent crimes reported on in San Diego. There was more shootings in Linda Vista, most likely gang-related as well as other violent crimes.

What is my point you ask? Violent crime has not subsided in San Diego and regardless what our mayor or chief of police say.

The San Diego Police Department is under staffed and the city is not well protected. You have heard the saying, “Rob Peter to pay Paul.” Well, that is what each police division does daily to meet minimum staffing for the San Diego Police Department!

And get this folks: Many times divisions still are under-staffed and you, the citizens are paying the price for it! This is no longer a joke or something that should be overlooked and ignored by you the citizens.

This city is in serious trouble. Summer isn’t even here yet, which is the time violent crime always seems to increase. It has started much earlier this year. With a recession looming, prices on everything skyrocketing, and unemployment up, the nightmare is just beginning.

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