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As you’ve probably noticed, the Café is rather slow these days. But we’ve been working. We’re going to be launching a bit of a redesign in there and a great election focus in coming weeks. Rather than hosting debates between the candidates, we will be hosting debates between the supporters of the candidates. Starting April 14, the discussions will rage. Now, we’re asking the campaigns for help identifying supporters. But we’re going to pick people if we don’t hear from them. Maybe I’m wrong, but I have a feeling that supporters will carry a different tone and feel a bit more free than the candidates to speak their mind. We’ll enforce good standards and make sure it’s a level playing field. But the best part is, if a candidate doesn’t participate, we can still make sure their supporters are represented.

There will still be days available here and there between the election debates. Let me know if you’d like to nominate a host.


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