A few bits didn’t make it into the story today:

  • When I was sitting with Ken Cornell in his office yesterday afternoon, he was painting a different picture of Mission Beach than what’s there now. He talked about a parking lot where beachgoers could park below ground and take a tram into “downtown” Mission or PB, where commercial and retail and restaurants would be. “I see a day when there’s all these bistros and eateries,” he said. “It’s gonna go off.”
  • Irwin Molasky, Cornell’s father-in-law, developed La Costa Resort and Spa in the 1960s. That’s the same Irwin Molasky that columnist Seth Hettena mentioned in his column this week.
  • We can’t get over how often we’re hearing that Canadians and Zonies are the ones doing the buying. Cornell said 80 percent of his buyers are from Phoenix and he’s got a bunch of Canadian buyers drawn in by near-parity in the currency exchange rate. If you have any friends from faraway places who are thinking of buying here, I’d love to hear from them.

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