I’ve been hearing from a couple readers eager for an update to Bill Curtis’s story that I shared with you Monday.

I actually have two updates from Curtis. First, an update on Curtis’s plans to move to Wichita if the San Diego housing market doesn’t crash before January 2009. He says he’s “a bit ahead of schedule” on the move to the Midwest; he’s planning to start a new job in Kansas at the end of June.

And on the story I told you this week, on the difficulty the Curtises have faced in getting Bill’s mother-in-law a temporary visa so she can travel from China to be with his wife when she delivers her baby, here’s what I heard:

The second update is that I did hear back from our Congressman’s assistant today. He said we have to reapply from the beginning again (and pay another $300!), and then we can send all the information to him and he will write a letter to try to help us.

We’ll keep you posted on this.In the meantime, if you have similar stories or thoughts about this one, send me an e-mail.


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