Earth Day is officially April 22. But in San Diego the big eco-fiesta happens annually at the Balboa Park Earth Day extravaganza hosted by San Diego Earthworks. And that will be this Sunday, April 20 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (please ride your bike, walk or take the bus — we need to avoid the annual Earth Fair traffic jam).

This past year has been an interesting one for the planet. While it is still hipper than ever to be green,

the three main presidential candidates are busy pandering to voters (Hillary downing shots, McCain repealing gas taxes, and Obama bowling) with scad mention of the environmental crisis. Even our own green guvernator blew his environ credentials big-time by supporting the construction of a private toll road through a beloved California State Park.

But despite how lame most of our elected officials have been on the environment, the new rise of China as the world’s biggest contributor of greenhouse gasses there are a few folks in San Diego and in California who organized to save two state parks in San Diego County over the past year, reminding that the reason we live here is to enjoy the natural environment, not stare at ugly toll roads and power lines.

The Save Trestles Team

February 6, 2008, will go down as one of the greatest days in history of surfing and the California environmental movement. And it came down to this: there is no defensible position when it comes down to proposals that favor destroying our state parks.

Toll roads do not belong in state parks. Period.

And the people who got that were the amazing and passionate defenders of San Onofre State Beach Park involved in the Save Trestles Coalition from throughout San Diego and Orange Counties, California and the United States. If you were part of the organizing coalition (you all know who you were) I salute your passion, dedication, organizing skill and understanding that protecting open space is the most important way of defending our planet and the natural resources that make California worth living in.

And if you attended the Big Wednesday meeting in Del Mar or wrote letters, made phone calls, signed petitions and did whatever it took to stop the TCA (they are still out there trying — lying it up as usual) pat yourself on the back and get back out there and remember the fight is far from over.

Stop Sunrise Powerlink Coalition

Just about everybody in San Diego’s backcountry is absolutely livid about Sempra’s plan to destroy huge swaths of San Diego County and Anza Borrego State Park. Hmm. Why is that the lame bureaucrats (like at SANDAG) and their corporate hacks can’t wait to destroy every important California State Park located in San Diego County?

This anti-Powerlink coalition is once again a very large one — and is energized by the passion, anger and bitterness of thousands of backcountry residents outraged by the attempt of Sempra to destroy the last remaining open space areas and the greatest state park in California. Please support their efforts and don’t believe Sempra’s hype. The Sunrise Power Link is 1950s planning meets 21st century spin.

Bad for ratepayers. Bad for taxpayers. And bad for our planet.

See you at the Earth Fair.


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