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Friday, April 18, 2008 | RE: KPBS “Editors Roundtable,” April 18, 2008 During the discussion about the City Council’s budget and the decisions to reduce library hours, close swimming pools, and to reduce hours at other recreational facilities, Gloria Penner asked the Editors “Just who are using these facilities? Are we talking about a small group of people that will be affected by these reductions?” (I am sure it was not the intent, but it did sound a little like “let them eat cake”.)

I did not hear any response from any of the editors, who seemed more interested in the 24 percent salary increase proposed by the City Council.

I think it is a very valid question and one that deserves a response — it would seem that this topic would make a great article about those who will be affected by the reduction of these public service facilities.

Based on my midwestern, middle-class upbringing (I know, those were the good old days), library, parks, recreational centers, and public pools were an integral part of my daily life. It is very sad to think that our lower-income, middle-income and just about every-income family will be deprived of such valuable resources.

Thank you for listening to my comments.

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