You raise valid points. Definitely when sharing statistics/data, it is critical to glean knowledge from reputable research institutes. Completely concurring with your comment about apples to hot dogs, the relevance too is to be visionary in researching all facets of a whole child.   Evidence-based successes and universally-based interventions are the foundation when collaborating how to re-culture our learning communities. 

It is not programs that change students, it is relationships. 

Knowledge is power. Education is the key to the ultimate success of every child, every community, and our nation.  Education is most certainly not just academics. EQ … emotional quotient … is the foundation of every individual. Educating our hearts. Connecting all aspects of our being …thinking, feeling, doing.  

This is an adult problem. This is not a child’s problem. As adults, we have a personal responsibility to dialog, discern, and redirect our priorities. We have to take care of our greatest natural resource … our sons and daughters. 

Absolutely, I concur with you CMR.  The Los Angeles Unified School District has a less than 50 percent graduation rate.  How horrific to realize the bleak future for so many youth in the largest district in California. Youth that choose a life of crime or drugs to survive and end up incarcerated will cost $51,000 per year per inmate. The lost wages and tax revenue from those in the penal system cost our state millions.  (Center for Community Change, 2001)

It is critically imperative to dissect the truth, glean “reality” from our youths’ voice, collaborate on solutions, and move forward collectively.

When the nomination years come along, it’s quite intriguing to observe the millions of dollars spent on “he said, she said, they said.” Where is the dialogue about solutions? Where are the forums about community members starting grass roots movements on change? Where is the media coverage of the character and role modeling of individuals involved in the campaigns?

My children are not political figures.  They are human beings. 

Thank you for sharing your thoughts CMR.   

Hi Steve

Thank you for your thoughts. To reiterate your comment, “if state budget cuts are necessary, they need to prioritize their spending.”  Absolutely, I completely agree. 

Can it be feasible to have the eighth wealthiest economy, more than Canada and Spain,  YET, tell your constituents that your state budget is in financial crisis?  This reeks of a spending problem, not a revenue problem.

Let us observe the actions of our elected public officials. One of the blessings of our information age is that a taxpayer can now educate themselves on the truth. Continued learning, and comparing data and research with other countries, etc. is exceptional.

Even more exciting is when you have media non-profits that offer a venue to share and clarify the truth.  Thank you to for the phenomenal venue they provide. True community collaborative at it’ best!!!  

This is how change happens in life. Individuals are compelled to raise awareness and feel passionate about their interests. Sharing their knowledge with others, they become an advocate. Instilling action in those they inspire, they become an activist.

To quote Margaret Mead: “No doubt that a small group of concerned citizens can change our world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”


Wow, the more I learn, the more I realize I do not know. Reading about the disparity in how monies are allocated state wide, and knowing how this disparity impacts children … I shake my head in wonder.

Is this by design??

Resources and relationships are single handedly the most successful means of helping all students achieve to their greatest potential. It’s not poverty that stands in the way of a student’s success, it is a lack of resources and relationships. A sense of connection, an opportunity to feel heard, doing something meaningful to them. All of these are statistically proven successes of thriving learning communities.

Thank you for your lovely comment Sparky. May I please say a very passionate AMEN to your comment about stopping the war for one week, taking the $14 billion and fixing our schools.  Let’s bring home our heroes and take care of our homeland.  Let’s teach peace.


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