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The San Diego Democratic Club may have never given an “unacceptable” rating to an openly gay candidate, but that doesn’t mean they have never avoided giving an “acceptable” rating to one.


In 2005, when Ian Trowbridge was campaigning for the District 2 seat, he failed to gain enough votes to muster an “acceptable” rating.

Democratic Club president Andrea Villa said that just because he was not “acceptable” doesn’t mean that he was “unacceptable.”

“This is unprecedented in our 32-year history,” she reiterated.

Trowbridge, however, was deemed “a pain in the ass” by club member and local Democratic Party Chair Jess Durfee during the debate, according to news reports from that time.

So, according to their reasoning, that makes DeMaio “unacceptable” and Trowbridge a not-acceptable pain in the ass.


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